I bought a franchise in 2007 and the franchise suddenly filed chapter 7 bankruptcy

2007 I bought a franchise Insurance agency with no books, I brought my own clients to this business. On year 2008 September they stopped paying my commision, rent, utilities as the contract was specified… they filed chapter 7 bankruptcy ..there is a bank in New York that has been sending me letters. I own this franchise to them and hire a lawyer to sue me, what can I do to defend myself. I need help please..this lawyer already sent me a subpoena and sent me to jail for three days.

A: One area to look at is whether the franchisor properly disclosed everything that is required in a Franchisor Disclosure Document, which is required by federal law. Determining whether the franchisor did what is required is a complicated legal issue. You may have regulatory and other rights.

If you are being threatened with legal action of some sort, it is important that you retain a lawyer as quickly as possible. You do not want deadlines to go by without taking action to protect yourself–otherwise a court may find against you on things that you haven’t even considered.

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Brad Denton, Arizona Franchise Lawyer.
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